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What Happens When You Bring Together a Group of Forward Thinking Technology Geeks + Brilliant Science Nerds + Amazingly Smart, Pharmaceutical Marketing Cool Kids?

You get a Hybrid…

More specifically, you get
Hybrid Healthcare Communications


At Hybrid Healthcare Communications, we don’t claim to be the experts in all forms of pharmaceutical marketing communications. However, within our areas of expertise, we are confident no one even comes close. Some may perceive this confidence as arrogance, but we think they just might be a little jealous.

Hybrid was born by combining a group of geeks, nerds, and some cool kids, too. Hybrid’s geeks bring us the technological edge that is critically important, but too often lacking at most pharmaceutical communication agencies. Our nerds bring us a level of science and strategy that provide a foundation that ensures success in all of our initiatives. Add to that a few cool kids to help to bring it all together and make it fun and you have something really special.

Our programs are built on a history of significant pharmaceutical marketing experience and proven success. However, in today’s ever changing pharmaceutical marketing environment, a Hybrid is needed to exceed expectations. Contact us today to see how the Hybrid Healthcare Communications model can provide you with exceptional performance, efficiency, and bottom line: results that exceed your wildest expectations.


images 0000 technology


Moving faster than the speed of change. App development, software development and more…

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images 0002 meetings

Meetings & Support

Convention management, advocacy development, speaker bureau development and program management and meeting planning for meetings of 5 to 5,000…

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images 0001 salesTraining

Sales Training

Pushing the envelope to keep your sales team engaged and ahead of the curve.

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images 0003 Branding


Helping keep your brand strong and protecting your most valuable asset is our main goal.

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Moving faster than

 the speed of change

  • App Development

    iOS, Android, Blackberry,
    Windows 7 & 8


    thbs 0000 appDevelopment
  • Branding

    Prelaunch, Launch
    Lifecycle Management.


    thbs 0001 branding
  • Conventions

    Booth Design,
    Attendance Drivers
    and Full Service


    thbs 0002 conventions
  • 2D & 3D Animation

    MOA, MOD
    Medical Animations...


    thbs 0003 animation
  • Sales Training

    Technology-based, Modular
    Training Solutions.


    thbs 0004 salestraining
  • Meeting Planning

    For Meetings of
    5 to 5000.


    thbs 0006 meetingPlan
  • Publication Planning

    It is
    what it is.


    thbs 0005 pubsPlan
  • Speaker Bureaus

    Cutting-edge Content
    Speaker Identification
    and more...


    thbs 0007 speaker

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